Pain Management and Buprenorphine (Pylkas)
Urine Drug Test Interpretation and Troubleshooting (Bilden & Bell)
Managing Other Drug Use in Patients on Buprenorphine (Reznikoff)
Team-based Intakes, Inductions, and Visits: Key Roles and Considerations for Non-prescribers (Jones, Foss, & Anderson)
High Risk Prescription Management: Tapers, Diversion Detection, and Overdose Reduction (Willhite & Devine)
Pragmatic Issues for Buprenorphine Prescribers (Reznikoff)
Motivational Interviewing Skills (Weaver)
From Stabilization to Maintenance: Medical-Decision-Making (Kietzmann & Vukonich)
Operational Models of Care Panel: What and Who do I Need in Clinic (Hayes, Bell, & Frenz)
Financial Feasibility and Sustainability: Why Prescribe Buprenorphine in Clinic (Buckallew & Foss, Ohlerking & Shellum)
Coordination with Addiction Treatment Programs (Erickson, Peterson, & Bryant)
Coordination with Criminal Justice (Erickson & Kern)
How to Measure Success (Grahan & Devine)

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