Pediatric Therapy

At CHI St. Gabriel’s Health we have a team of therapist that work with the pediatric population.  Our therapy team works together to develop a comprehensive program for each child.  Our services include speech therapy, occupational therapy and physical therapy.

Speech therapy

Speech-language therapy is treatment that helps people achieve functional and meaningful communication skills.  These skills comprise expressive and receptive language as well as intelligibility of speech sound production.  A Speech Language Pathologist can evaluate and treat speech-language delays and disorders.

Speech-language delays and disorders

Language: expressing oneself and understanding what is said

Articulation: production of sounds of speech

Phonology: errors in patterns of sound

Pragmatics: social skills

Feeding disorders

Communication impairment due to traumatic brain injury, cerebral palsy, autism spectrum disorders

Occupational therapy

Occupational therapy is a treatment that focuses on helping people achieve independence in all areas of their lives.  Some people mistakenly think occupational therapy is only for adults; children, after all, do not have occupations.  This isn’t true.  A child’s main job is playing and learning.

Our occupational therapists will evaluate your child’s skills for play, school performance, and activities of daily living.  Then we will compare the results with what is developmentally appropriate for that age group.

Occupational therapists work with motor delays, decreased strength, decreased postural stability, sensory integration, difficulty dressing including snaps, buttons, zippers, and tying shoes.

Physical therapy

Physical therapy is a treatment that helps people achieve their highest functional mobility.  Most children who receive physical therapy have been experiencing difficulty achieving developmental milestones.

Physical therapists will evaluate a child’s strength, postural stability, decreased motion of joints, mobility skills (such as crawling and walking), and their balance.  Following this evaluation an individualized plan will be developed to help children reach age-appropriate goals.

What happens in pediatric therapy?

Our experienced therapists will work closely with you to learn about your concerns and then perform a comprehensive evaluation of your condition.  With your input we will develop a personalized care plan so that you can achieve your individualized goals.

Where are we located?

Our rehab department is located on the main floor of St. Gabriel’s Hospital.  Parking is located near the front entrance of the hospital.

Who do I contact?

Please talk to your provider and ask if pediatric therapy would help you.

Please call us at 320-631-5171 if you have any questions about pediatric therapy.

We look forward to working with you regarding your pediatric therapy needs.

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