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Adam Mord
Patient Advocate

Contact Adam Mord by Phone – 320-631-5630 or fill out the form below selecting Compliments/Complaints

Thank you for visiting CHI St. Gabriel’s Health. We look forward to addressing any questions or concerns you have about CHI St. Gabriel’s Health, and hearing your comments and suggestions about how we can serve you better.

Because this form goes to a general email box, please provide the hospital name or clinic location, and provider name in your message, so we may handle your issue in a timely manner. Please be advised that this unencrypted form is not a secure way of transmitting information. Sensitive or personal information can be subject to interception or hacking while it is traveling from your computer to our email box. Therefore, you may not want to include personal information such as your date of birth or SSN, or sensitive information such as diagnosis or medications in this message.

Please note: This email box is monitored during daytime hours. It is not monitored at night or on weekends or holidays. It is not intended for emergency correspondence. If this is an emergency, please call your doctor, dial 9-1-1, or go to the nearest emergency department.

Phone/Fax Directory

CHI St. Gabriel’s Health/St. Gabriel’s Hospital

  • telephone: 320-632-5441

Medical Records/Health Information

  • telephone: 320-631-5415
  • fax: 320-631-5490

Central Scheduling

  • telephone: 320-631-5000
  • fax – 320-631-5006

Family Medical Center

  • telephone: 320-631-7000
  • fax: 320-632-0534

Family Medical Center Pierz

  • telephone: 320-468-2536
  • fax: 320-468-2728

Family Medical Center Randall

  • telephone: 320-749-2877

Little Falls Orthopedics

  • telephone: 320-631-2200
  • fax: 320-632-3728

CHI Health at Home

  • telephone: 320-631-5575
  • fax: 320-631-1650

CHI St. Gabriel’s Health Specialty Outreach Clinics (Unity Specialty Ctr)

  • telephone: 320-631-5450
  • fax: 320-631-5456

Apple Tree Dental

  • telephone: 320-348-0377

CentraCare Dialysis

  • telephone: 320-631-4381
  • fax: 320-632-0479

Little Falls Anesthesia

  • telephone: 320-632-5743

Natural Family Planning

  • telephone: 320-631-5660

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